In accordance with the policy adopted by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the contact info a domain name is registered with must be correct and accurate at all times. Moreover, this info is publicly accessible on WHOIS lookup websites and while this may be okay for organizations, it may not be very convenient for individuals, since everybody can view their names and their personal email and street addresses, especially in an age when identity theft is not that infrequent. This is the reason why domain registrars have launched a service that hides the details of their clients without changing them. The service is referred to as Whois Privacy Protection. In case it’s enabled, people will view the details of the domain registrar, not those of the domain owner, if they perform a WHOIS lookup. The Whois Privacy Protection service is supported by all generic top-level domain name extensions, but it is still impossible to hide your information with certain country-code extensions.
Whois Privacy Protection in Shared Hosting
You can easily activate Whois Privacy Protection for any domain that you’ve registered through our company in case you have a shared hosting account with us. This can be done through the same Hepsia hosting Control Panel, via which you administer the web hosting account, so you won’t have to switch between different platforms. In the same section where all your registered domain names will be displayed, there will be an “Whois Privacy Protection” icon for each domain name whose extension supports this option. The status of that icon will quickly show you whether the Whois Privacy Protection service is enabled for a specific domain or not and by clicking that icon you can add the service in case you haven’t done so during the account activation process. Besides, you will also be able to renew or to deactivate the Whois Privacy Protection service for any domain using the exact same icon and the change will take effect right away.
Whois Privacy Protection in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you choose to order a semi-dedicated server package from us, you will be able to add Whois Privacy Protection to any of your domains by following a few simple steps. In case you register or transfer a domain during the account activation process, you can get the service along with the domain name. In case you skip this step and you think things over later, you can add the Whois Privacy Protection service from the Registered Domains section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, via which you can manage the entire semi-dedicated account. This is also the place where you can turn on the Whois Privacy Protection for all other domains that you register through our company after signing up. Renewing or deactivating the service is just as simple and will require no more than a few clicks of the mouse.